I Have Material Desires, So Is the Guru Still Pleased With Me?


Greetings gurudev,

Yogananda is coming in my dreams often now since I meditate a lot on him.Am I going closer to him?The problem is that I have few material wishes.Due to this I have a feeling that I might not be pleasing him.I am kind of confused.Kindly suggest as to what to do

—pushkar, india


Dear Pushkar,

Yes, you are certainly growing closer to Yogananda, and it is marvelous. Please keep going.

Our mind often tricks us, by telling us, “Maybe he (the Master or God) doesn’t love me, or isn’t pleased with me, or will not bless me, because I have this and that weakness, for example material desires. I am imperfect and so I won’t attract the divine blessing.” But being imperfect is 100% normal. None of us is perfect. We all have things to work on and overcome. The Master is there for exactly that, otherwise he wouldn’t even be needed. He blesses you always, if you open your heart to him. He is as close to you as you allow him to be. “To those who think me near, I will be near, “ Yogananda taught.

The secret of the relationship with a Master lies in the heart: in love, in devotion, in attunement, in intuition. So let it grow, keep meditating on Yogananda and know his smile is on you, his love, his blessing, his protection. May he appear in your dreams many more times, filling your heart with joy.

In divine friendship, Jayadev