What Material to Sit On for Meditation?


Does the deer skin solve the need for silk cloth while in meditation?

—praveen, usa


Dear Praveen,

I assume you mean, will a deer skin replace the need for a silk cloth used in insulating one from the earthly vibrations while meditating. Yes, of course, it can as all natural fiber materials do. You will see in the Autobiography of a Yogi many pictures of saints meditating on deer skins.

I do remember Swami Kriyananda saying that the deer should have died naturally. This is because the vibration of fear caused by unnatural deaths would be in the skin even afterwards.

It is good to have some kind of natural fiber to sit on during meditation to help insulate one from all but harmonious vibrations. The best practice, of course, is to meditate and not worry about the conditions around you so much that it takes your thoughts away from finding the Light of God. Devotion is the best insulation, devotion to God and guru. He is always with you if you are open to Him.

Joy to you, Seva