Meditation, and How to Talk with God


So for god's happiness only he created this world and suffering. I am not getting anything with this world. I dont need enjoyment also which has suffering otherside. A0 tleast he should give a chance to us are we really interested to come to this planet. People who are interested to come and suffer can come and others wont come. How can I talk to God directly? I have been doing meditation since 6 years but not able to concentrate at all. how can I reach him? Please help me.

—suresh, india


Dear Suresh,

I am sorry that you are feeling so unhappy. I have to tell you, Suresh, that although you are not finding any happiness in this world, it will not help you to think that God forced you to come here against your will. Spiritually speaking, that is not the truth. Each of us is on a unique journey of self-discovery. Because of our actions in the past, we come into this world to learn what we need to learn.

I think it would be more helpful for your life for you to say – for some reason, my soul has brought me to this planet. I must discover what that reason is. It is not only for suffering. I am meant to learn more about myself and about loving and serving others.

It is true that nothing outwardly can bring you lasting happiness. But you can definitely find happiness within yourself if you are willing to look for it. You mention that you have tried meditation for 6 years. Going in the direction of meditation will help you. Do you have a group of people with whom you meditate?

Ananda has 4 major centers in India: Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, and Bangalore. Are you by chance near these Ananda centers?  You can also contact them at to see if they have teachers in your area.

It is often extremely helpful to learn to meditate from a teacher directly, and to practice meditation with a group of people.

Also, consider if there is some way you can offer service to others less fortunate than yourself. If you undertake such service, you should choose service that you can offer with joy.

You sound a very sincere person. Meditation practices should help you concentrate. I don’t know what meditation practice you do, but the Hong-Sau Technique of concentration should help you.

Also, before you start to meditate, please practice some deep breathing techniques which will help you to improve your concentration and relax.

Your question: ‘How can I talk to God directly’ is hard to answer.

Paramhansa Yogananda, a great yoga master, wrote a little booklet called: “How You Can Talk with God”. He writes in this booklet that we can talk with God, not one-sided talk, but one that you talk and God will respond. A few things that he suggests in order to succeed are:

1. Speak with confidence and with a feeling of closeness as to a father or a mother. Start to talk to God in the language of your heart.

2. Love God with all your heart and talk with him all the time. It takes time to befriend God and make Him answer.

3. God can be persuaded to take a personal form by your intense devotion.

4. You must remove from your mind all doubt that God will not answer. Most people don’t get any response because of their disbelief. If you are absolutely determined that you are going to attain something, nothing can stop you.

5. Faith is the limitless power of God within you.

With blessings, Naysawami Diksha