Hello. I have been having nightmares. I have been doing some research about having bad dreams after meditation; I read two different ones. One says I should stop because bad spirits could come to me as bad dreams. Is it a sign that mediation works and that is why I’m having nightmares. Please help me.

—Kinga, Uk


Dear Kinga, The following information is an excerpt from my book The Meaning of Dreaming, which I highly recommend you read. It is available on Amazon or through Crystal Clarity.

“Nightmares are thought to be caused by extreme stress, unresolved fears, indigestion, traumatic experiences, emotional difficulties, drugs or medication, or illness. However, some people have frequent nightmares that seem unrelated to any of these conditions or to their waking lives in any way. In these cases, one might speculate that their nightmares were related to ‘memories’ from a past lifetime. The great yoga masters tell us that our memories from past lives, though perhaps buried very deep in our subconscious beings, are with us always….

“Prayer, meditation, strengthening and protective affirmations, and other spiritually based techniques are often helpful in dealing with nightmares.”

Nightmares after meditation do not happen because of the meditation itself. Meditation does not cause nightmares or open you up to possession by bad spirits. Then does meditation help with nightmares? Yes, because sincere prayer and meditation is the best way to protect, guide, and uplift you in every aspect of your life.

Learning and practicing Parmahansa Yogananda’s techniques of Kriya Yoga meditation are among the finest of all ways to do this. We would be glad to help you with this, if you care to pursue it.

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