Meditation Experience

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    During meditation, as part of controlling my thoughts, I sometimes experience a pleasing ‘flow' of awareness out of my head and DOWN into and through my body.

    It’s like being inflated just under my skin with an air pump. I sort of ‘tingle' or 'buzz,' very mildly, from top to bottom. It remains with me until I come out of the meditation.

    During that time, I feel in a much higher state of awareness. AND control. Among other things.

    What is it?

—Dave, Canada


Dear Dave,

Numerous varieties of subtle experiences are described by meditators. Most are a combination of physical and subtle (astral) sensations but typically have no special meaning. They do serve at least two purposes: 1) To convey that you are developing your subtle perceptive “senses,” refining your awareness; and, 2) offering to you an inner focus for your meditations. Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras, specifically mentions this second point.

There is much more that could be explored on this subject but your inquiry is only of a general nature and perhaps this response is sufficient.


Nayaswami Hriman