Meditation for grieving


what meditation can i do for grief?

—Lila, Canada


Dear Lila,

I am sorry for your loss. The most helpful advice I’ve heard about grief was given by Swami Kriyananda to a friend of mine who had just lost her husband.

He suggested that, instead of regret for what she lost, she should focus on gratitude for what she had been given. If you do not have a meditation practice yet, I suggest that you look into this meditation technique. You can use this technique to help you calm and focus your mind. Or you can use another technique that is more familiar to you if you prefer.

Spend some time getting calm and focused. Then, lift your mind to God at the point between the eyebrows, and offer your gratitude to God for the beloved person He gave you for those years. Also, send your love and gratitude to the departed person.

Grief is natural and part of life and loss. It sometimes has its own time frame. But if you practice doing these suggestions, it may help to lift some of the pain of grief.

May God bless your healing,