Please let me know if Savasana (death pose) is suitable for meditation. I mean if we wouldn't consider that pose has a tendency to induce sleepiness, is Savasana good physically for meditation purpose?

Many thanks,

—Arjen, Hungary


Hello Arjen,

If physical relaxation were the only consideration, Savasana would be a good position for meditation. However, there are several more-important considerations that rule it out for true meditation (unless one is physically incapacitated and simply must lie down). You mentioned one big one: sleepiness. Here is a couple more:

First, true meditation is a dynamic practice and state of being. It takes a lot of energy to get there, but Savasana is basically a passive, non-dynamic position. It would be much harder, if indeed it’s possible at all, for Savasana to become dynamic. That is one reason why an upright position with a straight spine is greatly preferable.

Second, in Savasana one’s energy tends to spread out all over the body, try though we may stop it from doing so. However, we need that energy to be concentrated in the spine – and especially at the point between the eyebrows – in order to meditate deeply.

The bottom line is that Savasana actually works against us when it comes to true meditation. It’s good to use it to relax the body, but not to meditate.

Blessings on your (sitting upright) meditation practice,

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