I am a meditator, and I would like to understand what is actually meant by "deep meditation". Are there signs of deep meditation, or a feeling one gets? I know what I feel like when I feel that I have gone deep in a meditation, but what would master say is 'deep'? thank you.

—Celeste, USA


Dear Celeste,

To answer your question “what is deep meditation” let’s look at various aspects of deepening meditation.

What does deep meditation feel like?

  • The breath becomes calm, or even still, as one goes deeper in meditation.
  • The mind becomes more focused and is not affected by restlessness or intruding thoughts.
  • One becomes absorbed with the inner sound of AUM, or the inner sounds of the chakras.
  • One is able to tune into, and merge into, the inner light at the spiritual eye (This is first experienced as a golden light, which shifts into more of a halo, which surrounds a blue field. This blue field shifts into a tunnel. Through the blue tunnel, one then perceives a five-pointed silvery star)
  • One becomes absorbed with other aspects of Divine consciousness such as inner peace, calmness, divine love, bliss, power, or wisdom (intuitive perception).

All these are experiences of deepening levels of meditation.

Not everyone will have all these experiences during meditation itself. You may simply find that your life is being transformed and that you are aware of being more spiritually attuned. An important emphasis is to always offer up to God whatever experiences you have.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba

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