Moksha and Liberation: How Can We Know?


Dear Sir,

My wife passed away on 1st Feb, 2017. She was only 38. We have being together for 19 years. We got our first child late at 2008, then we got 2nd child at 2011 and 3rd child at 2013. Now I and my 3 children age of 8, 5 and 3 are suffering. My childrens lost there mother, now they are depend on grandmothers. I just want to know why my wife has been left us so early and whether she got moksha for her good karmas of past life or she is still not got moksha.

—Rajesh B Unni, India


Dear Rajesh,

My heart goes out to you and the children! To lose one’s young wife and for young children to lose their mother: these are life changing events. Her loving presence has been swallowed up by the mystery of death and the journey to the land beyond our dreams.

I urge you to pray TO and FOR her soul and to encourage your children (in their own way) to do so also. It is not unusual to experience some contact or sense of a loved one’s presence after death: even years afterward. So all of you should keep her in your thoughts and prayers, feeling her presence in your hearts.

The question of any one soul’s moksha can only be answered by one who is himself free: a true guru. Our soul’s freedom is one of life’s greatest mysterious: more so than death itself which is ultimately simply a change in form and not a real “death” at all. But the degree to which our soul has awakened to the state of oneness with the soul and the soul with God is very difficult to know. There can be signs that suggest it but that is too complicated for a mere email.

Let me state this a different way: there is certainly a KIND OF moksha your wife’s soul would experience having performed her duties in life (being a wife and raising children) with devotion, care, and wisdom while yet having been called away from this earth life so soon. Perhaps she was spared something we cannot yet see or perhaps will never see. We cannot know for sure if there was a grace involved with her early departure.

Know this, however: the law of karma and the blessing of divine grace have only her soul freedom for its purpose. Remember too that not only have you and the children lost her but she HAS LOST YOU! I don’t say this to suggest that she is also sad and grieving; in fact, awakening into the astral light her soul will have the opportunity to see that nothing is lost and she will feel only compassion for you and the children. She will know joy and comfort. She will know that all things are but blessings or opportunities to grow spiritually. So, then, should you. Her early departure is an opportunity for you to be closer to the children; to be not just father but mother, as well. It is an opportunity to develop your own heart qualities and especially a greater dependence on Divine Mother: the source of all love and blessings.

Thus, too, it will important for you to gently guide the children toward hope, comfort, and peace; to encourage them to feel even greater love and appreciation for their now “lost” mother; greater compassion and kindness toward one another (their loss being an opportunity for the children to help one another), and, by extension, to other children.

Your loss and grief hold a hidden blessing. It is the opportunity to know greater compassion; kindness; inner strength; wisdom; and connection with God, guru, and Divine Mother. I know that right now this may not seem possible. But if you remain open to it and embrace with faith the difficulties you and the children now face, you will find Divine Mother’s blessings and those from your wife’s soul in great abundance.

I pray for you and the children that, in time and with prayer and faith, your loss become a source of strength and light.

Nayaswami Hriman