How Can I Make More Money?


I want to know why im not growing financially even though i sometimes earn some monies but cant seems to improve.I always end up with nothing at all , not even a dime?I want to know why?kindly help me with solution.

—Ben, Ghana


Dear Ben,

Years ago our founder, Swami Kriyananda (a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda) wrote a concise yet practical book called MONEY MAGNETISM! So, also, did Yogananda speak much about material success especially during the decade of the Depression in the United States during the 1930’s. Yogananda’s small book, LAW OF SUCCESS, is still in print. Swamiji also wrote a powerful course MATERIAL SUCCESS THROUGH YOGA PRINCIPLES. [I don’t know how one can obtain such books from Ghana?]

This is to say that your question surrounds a very BIG subject: too big for a simple email response! But here are a few suggestions and insights from the art and science of yoga:

1. Success is a matter of magnetism and magnetism is strengthened through will power and energy. YET: we must sometimes overcome past karma and many people give up right before they have worked off their karma. TRANSLATION: Never give up! Keep putting out positive energy with confidence and faith!

2. Overcoming karma: continue your efforts to earn money but it is important that you do so calmly and with even-mindedness. Be not elated by gain nor sorrow for your losses. In your planning, seek divine guidance and in your efforts be non-attached. It is helpful that your intention to make money be for a higher purpose than only money itself. If by earning money you can help others; serve the divine work of God and Guru; provide shelter and healthy food for your family; have more time for meditation…………….all of these types of intentions will link your needs to a higher goal. After all, what if you made millions? This could actually be BAD KARMA if in so doing you became selfish or egotistical!

3. Money magnetism is enhanced if you mix with successful people. (“Successful” does NOT include people who earn money dishonestly or by hurting others!) Avoid those who have the same problem you do. Ask the advice of successful people in regards to your own efforts.

4. Ask God to work through your mind and your hands. God is the DOER of all action. Give all success and failure to God. Everything you do, do for the glory of God and as an act of heartfelt devotion and gratitude for the gift of life; the opportunity to serve your family, friends and others.

5. Give a portion of EVERYTHING you earn to a worthy cause including to the source of your inspiration and to the service of God’s work on earth! Whether you earn or lose money, always give something as an act of devotion and as an affirmation that it all IS God’s and all COMES from God.

I hope you find these thoughts helpful!

In divine friendship,

Nayaswami Hriman