My 4-year old likes to meditate


Last Sunday I awoke later than normal. Usually I meditate when my family is sleeping When I announced that it was time for me to meditate, my 4 yr old said he wanted to also, he sees me do this in the evening.

I fixed him a place next to me and gave him basic instruction. Amazingly he sat quietly for the full 24 minutes.

All week long he has talked about when we meditate on Sat. & Sun.

I wonder how much is wanting to be like dad & how much is genuine spiritual need. How can I help him along?

—Craig , America


Meditation is a good habit, so I would let your son mediatate with you for as long as he wants to.

What a blessing that he is not only open to it at such a young age, but that he is self-motivated. My two children enjoyed sitting on our laps at the end of our meditations, but didn’t sit next to us (my husband and I) for any period of time. I would go with the child’s inclination, and share with him how you feel about your special meditation time together.

He may want to be like his dad, and what a great role model you are! Children learn by example, and you are giving him a wonderful tool for life. I would let him determine when and how long he meditates, and see what transpires…

Sarah Brink,
Family Ministry
Ananda Village

Note from the editor: You may enjoy reading Supporting Your Child’s Inner Life book by Narani Moorhouse, an Ananda school teacher, available for free online.