My son is following Islam


My son is following Islam, and is so very dedicated. He is 17.

I am on Yogananda's path, of course, and know there are many great Sufi saints he would do well to know about. Is there one great book in particular that Swami Kriyananda may have happened upon and mentioned, that was especially engaging and might inspire him in this direction?

—Sharon Anderson, usa


Dear Sharon,

Your question was forwarded to me. When I checked with Swami Kriyananda, the one book he recommended was The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Explained.

If you’re looking for other books as well, you might write to one of our longtime members, Kabir (c/o I believe he’s read some Sufi writings, and perhaps he’d have something additional to suggest.

In joy,
Lakshman Heubert
Swami Kriyananda’s personal secretary