Do I Need to Meditate Daily?


Thank You for your kind guidance.

Currently, I find myself Meditating for a few hours at a sitting, without realizing the time. People in the general public seem to respond kindly to my queries and chat. Does Meditation become a part of Daily Routines and even an integral part of one’s work?

Linked In: Carmen Charles Rudd, Global Humanitarian Relief Worker.

Kindly, With Love and Light,


—Carmen Charles Rudd, Canada


Dear Carmen,

The practice of meditation is a great blessings to yourself and to all the people around you. It will also infuse all that you do with peace.

Meditation should be a daily practice. As you brush your teeth every day, for physical hygiene, a daily practice of meditation is your spiritual hygiene. Meditation is like an oil. It lubricated the machinery of your life.

Ideally, it is best to meditate twice a day. First thing in the morning, before you begin to engage in daily activities, and at the end of each day.

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Blessings on your practice,

Nayaswami Diksha