Negative Thoughts


nowadays bad thoughts about god someone inside me shouting a bad words about gods and sometimes it is like bad sexual thoughts over god please help me to get overcome this and I don’t like this basically I’m a bramin purely spiritual. I’m so much afraid about this sin.i afraid that god will punish me for this but I don’t like these thoughts. Whenever it arises I’m trying to controlit but I can’t please help me.sai sai

—Balaji, India


Dear Balaji,

Having negative thoughts (including sexual) is an issue for people in general and can be an intense issue for some people. Here’s what you need to know:

1. These thoughts arise from the subconscious mind. Yes, you can say that “I’m having these negative thoughts” but it’s important that you mentally distance “you” from the uninvited appearance of these thoughts into your mind. The “you” of you are NOT those thoughts. So: first step is to step back from identifying “yourself” with these thoughts.

2. Paramhansa Yogananda in his famous life story, “Autobiography of a Yogi,” made the statement that “Thoughts are universally, not individually, rooted!” This means that these thoughts you are having are NOT YOURS! You may be experiencing them but they come from a universal pool of consciousness whose reality is of a lower nature.

3. As these thoughts appear, chase them away by scolding them or even laughing at them: “You have no power over me! Go away!” Then immediately substitute their opposite: positive thoughts and prayerful thoughts to God or guru in their place. Create for yourself strong affirmations to say (aloud or silently) when these thoughts occur! These affirmations should be positive and divinely uplifting (not just psychological).

4. It is important that you establish a daily habit of prayer and meditation. (Prayer can include chanting and affirmation.) Start with these and then go into a quiet place of inner silence, offering your heart and mind at the feet of God and Guru. Do you have a meditation technique? Mantra? Pranayama? Check with Ananda. There’s even a brand new meditation app for Android or Iphone. at For classes and programs in India, go to

5. Learn to practice “japa:” mentally chanting (mantra, chant, affirmation etc) throughout the day. Give your mind, even during activities, a positive focus throughout the day. Use breath control and awareness (pranayam) at special times during the day.

6. Be around spiritually minded people as often as you can. Do you have someone there you can speak with? Trust? Admire and respect? Satsang? Temple?

7. Read spiritual books (or, watch on the internet e.g. YouTube search on Swami Kriyananda).

8. Ananda even as online classes!

You can eliminate these negative thoughts by positive thoughts AND by uplifting your mind to receive superconscious inspiration. Simple but it takes focused effort. You will find that with right intention and effort these thoughts will disappear as if they never existed!

Blessings to you in light and in joy!

Nayaswami Hriman