Never Give Up



Thirteen years back for worldly riches and happiness I entered a spiritual path . Unbrokenly I am meditating leaving all worldly responsibilities. But I don’t know. I lost my career and am in extreme debt. I don’t know what to do. Please help. I am 40yrs old, unmarried. Living with mom and sister's family, from their earnings.

—Govinda raj, India


Dear Govinda Raj,

Never give up. Keep looking for work, for ways to have an income to support your needs and to help others as you can. Never stop meditating and seeking God. The two are not necessarily opposed or separate. It is only we who see work and meditation as opposites.

Working for God (as devotion and service) is important as meditation and meditation can be a service to humanity, too. Both are needed.

You may be in debt now, but do not lose faith. Go out and find your path to serving God in your fellow men and finding God in all. When your work is done each day, spend some time alone with God in meditation. He will show you the way but you must not give up. You must do your part and God will, as Krishna says in the Gita, “I will make good your deficiencies and render permanent your gains.”


Nayaswami Hriman