Overcoming Duality


I recently made a post on my website about how being loving and peaceful ourselves increases the energy of love and peace in the world - the global consciousness. My son posed this question:

"..there's always an equal and opposite...if we keep increasing the energy of love and peace then would this also lead to greater hate and evil in the world?"

How would you answer this?

In Master's Love


—Stan Giles, UK


Stan, your son should be commended! Great question…in fact, one I’ve never heard before.

However, fortunately the consequences implied by his question are not the case. The reason for this is that while duality is the ceaseless flux and reality that makes this world seem so real, our individual and human challenge is to expand our consciousness towards transcendence of that duality.

What this means, in turn, each one of us has our own karmic patterns to overcome. As we act with greater peace and harmony in this world we attract to ourselves not so much opposition to that but reinforcement of it.

As our consciousness naturally expands the more we think of others and in harmonious ways we become more attuned with the Oneness behind all diversity. Furthermore, simply because the world is in ceaseless flux with the opposites doesn’t exempt us morally and individually from doing our best to bring order from chaos, harmony from conflict.

That is the divinely ordained impulse of our souls and the path to our own Self-realization as divine beings. It would be a false expectation (and yet another form of personal attachment) to expect that our efforts will convert this planet into a paradise.

Such an expectation merely reinforces the concept of our own ego.

So as excellent as his question is, the reality is more subtle than the question suggests.

Blessings, Hriman