Overcoming nervousness


i get nervous too often..at times just by thinking about people or situations and at times for no reason at all..i try deep breathing but it is very difficult to control mind when it starts drifting away..it takes me at least half an hour to come back to my normal self..i meditate and pray to God for help but what to do when i am in a crowded place?please tell me what to do so that this problem doesn't arise only?

Thank you.

—Mansi, India


Dear Mansi,

I am sorry to hear of your difficulties. Sometimes spiritual people encounter mental problems that are stronger than their ability to cure themselves with meditation.

If you broke your leg, you probably would go quickly to a doctor for help, instead of expecting to fix it with meditation. Similarly, sometimes people have chemical imbalances in the brain that require medication. Nowadays such imbalances can be corrected by medicines that bring healing, and not lifelong dependence on medication.

Since you have been working with breathing exercises, prayer, and meditation already, perhaps you should try another avenue and consult a psychiatrist or behavioral psychiatrist.

I hope you will explore this other avenue and can find a physician with whom you are comfortable.

In divine friendship,