Overwhelming Emotions After Meditating


So, this sounds kind of stupid but here it goes...I had a spiritual awaking about 3 yrs ago. I spend time meditating but afterwards many times I find myself overwhelmed emotionally...in a good way yes, but still extrememly overwhelmed. I have struggled with addiction for years and when I do get those overwhelming feelings, I find myself wanting to go to alcohol. Is that normal? Is this a kundalini emergency?

—jane, united states


Dear Jane,

No, your question does not sound stupid at all. I’m sure what you are describing has happened to most meditators – certainly it has happened to me!

Meditation does many things for us, one of which is to open the heart chakra, where our emotions (both harmful and helpful) are stored. Having those doors “flung open” can bring on the feeling that you describe – this is good! It is a natural part of the purification process that meditation brings.

The best way to avoid feelings of being overwhelmed is to offer this emotional energy, at the moment you feel it, straight up the spine to the spiritual eye (the point between the eyebrows) and then from there back to the Divine Source from which all energy comes.

Remember that these feelings are just old energy patterns, seeking upliftment and transmutation into higher patterns and eventually, into complete freedom.

It is also very important to have a spiritual path, spiritual teachers, time to be with other spiritual seekers, and a God-realized Master like Yogananda to be with you inwardly, at all times, and guide you in the process of letting this “stuff” go. This would be especially important for you, if, as you say, your meditations are stirring up the old “addictive urges” in yourself.

Meditation is meant to heal us, but it is NOT meant to be done in a vacuum. We need all the help we can get to walk this inner journey to freedom.

We would be glad to help you find the help you need, in any way possible.