Padre Pio


hi friends

How can it be that master never wanted to meet Padre Pio he did meet many other saints did he had anything ageinst him?He was in Italy so it must have been possible to meet-i ask about pater Pio bec i have an interest in would have been so intersting to know what yogananda had to say about him .thank u -

—øyvind, norway


Dear øyvind,

I have never heard anything that Yogananda said about Padre Pio, negative or positive. Yogananda said that everyone that he met during his life, even casually, was someone he was meant to meet. Nothing was accidental. So, apparently, Padre Pio was not someone he was meant to meet.

Swami Kriyananda has often spoken positively about Padre Pio, and would not have done so if Yogananda had said anything negative about him.

In divine friendship,