Pain While Watching the Breath


Hi. I have two questions.

1) Whenever i try to focus on my breathing i feel tension in back of my neck and pain in my stomach. What should i do? I tried it thousands of time, but the results are same.

2) I want to know my inner self. Can focusing on the breathe help me in this regard.


—Rehman, Pakistan


Dear Rehman,

If you don’t have a neck injury, and your stomach is healthy then before you begin to focus on your breath, take the time to energize and relax your body.

You can practice The Energization Exercises, by Paramhansa Yogananda. These are great exercises to energize and release tension from the body.

You can also practice some yoga postures, to release tension and prepare your body for meditation.

The practice of meditation will help you to know your inner self. Watching the breath is an ancient meditation technique that has been practiced in India and Asia for thousands of years.

By watching your breath, without control, the breath will begin to slow down, which will slow down the mind. You begin to relax deeply, withdrawn from the five senses and connect with your higher consciousness.

To learn more about meditation, click here: Learn to Meditate

I hope that the practice of Energization Exercises and yoga postures will help to eliminate the pain.

Blessings on your practice,

Nayaswami Diksha