Pilgrimage to the sites of William the Conqueror


Pls tell me about the tour/pilgrimage you plan for February 2011. To Normandy and to England.

—sheila Nichols, US


Dear Sheila,

Yogananda made the amazing comment to his disciples that, in a previous life, he had been William the Conqueror and that Sri Yukteswar had been William’s spiritual advisor, Lanfranc.

The Expanding Light is offering a pilgrimage to Normandy in France, where William was born and grew in strength to be able to conquer England, and to sites in England where William lived.

Next week our Expanding Light news will have more information on this exciting new pilgrimage, and we should have our web page up by then to link to. The web page will have the tentative itinerary.

Richard Salva, who will be heading the pilgrimage with Catherine Kairavi, has gone himself on the pilgrimage twice. He found his first visit to the sites of William in Normandy so powerful, that he repeated the trip two years later.

Richard is the author of Soul Journey from Lincoln to Lindbergh, and Catherine is the author of Two Souls, Four Lives, the book Swami Kriyananda asked her to write. This book explores the lives of Yogananda and William, and also of Swami Kriyananda and William’s son Henry I, to show the likelihood that Yogananda was William and that Kriyananda was Henry I.

We couldn’t ask for two more suitable and well qualified tour guides for this pilgrimage.

If you are interested, write to info@expandinglight.org with the subject line: Walking with William, and we can keep you informed of more details as they arise.

Joy to you!
Nayaswami Anandi