Powerful healing mantras



I would like to practice a healing mantra. I note our Guru didn’t focus on these. Can I use a healing mantra given on YouTube by Gurunath? Do you recommend any? What are. Your views on mantras for healing? Thanks

—K Kaul, Australia


Thank you for your question. Do you mean Yogiraj Gurunath Siddanath? I wasn’t sure what to say at first, because I had never listened to him, so I looked him up on YouTube. I listened to one of his mantras and it was powerful, and reminded me of a mantra Swami Kriyananda had taught to us here in Ananda Village. (“AUM hreeng kleeng…”) It was powerful listening to the mantra on YouTube just now, and I understand why you feel it would be beneficial.

That being said, there is the issue of attunement to one’s own Guru or lineage. Are you aware that Swami Kriyanandaji created a powerful CD called Mantra? (Or you can read about here if you are in India.)

Swamiji’s AUM, Mantra of Eternity CD is also very powerful and healing. Try playing either one of these CDs for 21 days and you will feel changes in your consciousness. So please first get these two CDs so you know what your own lineage has to offer.

If you then decide to listen to other mantras first pray to Master and ask him to bless and guide you, and smile in your heart if it is right. Listen with Him in your heart, and all will be well.

And finally, you can read a wealth of material here about healing.

I wish you all the best in your journey.