“Practicing the Presence” After Meditation



My question is, after meditation and transitioning back into activity is there something I should focus on to keep the practice going? I heard you can focus on breath or something like that. What does Ananda teach on a constant focus in activity? Do I continue to chant hong sau and focus on spiritual eye just like in meditation? Thank you.

—james tucker, usa



Being mindful during daily activity after meditation begins as soon as one gets up from meditation as you have indicated in your question.

How to do it depends on both temperament and circumstances. For starters, as you walk about and go about your daily routine, do so slowly and mindfully. Hold your feeling at the spiritual eye or in the heart as best you can. If possible, mentally chant a mantra or phrase that you feel inspired by.

This can be devotional (“Aum Guru” – “I want only Thee” – “Reveal Thyself” etc etc) or can be more mental such as trying to tune into your breath flow, energy in the body, your posture, quietness of mind or heart.

During the day, try to take meditation breaks: some people use a smart phone timer system to “ding” every 15 minutes or so. This way you can stop (at least mentally) and focus at the spiritual eye or in other ways go “back to the space of meditation” – even if just for a brief moment!

Some people have the opportunity to listen to chants at times during the day (e.g. while driving or doing other more routine chores). Others still belong to Ananda’s Treasures Along the Path and receive monthly CD’s of re-mastered and “best” talks by Swami Kriyananda.

Others might choose an affirmation or quality for either each day or for an entire week to affirm mentally throughout the day.

Really the list is as large and varied as each of us individually. Given that most meditators can sit for but a fraction of our waking hours, this activity (known as “japa” in the East or “practicing the Presence” in the West) is a form of active meditation and mindfulness. It is essential.

I hope this will be helpful.