Practicing the Presence of God


Hi. I believe "practicing the presence of God" is part of PYji's teachings. I generally take this to mean, either acting to "please God" or acting with the "thought or rememberance of God" or chanting some divine word(s). But would you say the highest meaning of that really is not merely thinking/acting for God, but actually experiencing/perceiving/feeling Him, as Peace/Harmony/Joy/Love/Bliss/etc., even if only in some small measure, & even if it means no thoughts/actions (even of "God") at all?

—John C, USA


Dear John,

Yes, I agree that the highest way of practicing the presence of God is to actually experience His presence in all that you are doing, feeling His energy flow through you, and offering all that you do to Him.

It can help you to be aware of the point between the eyebrows or the spine, and try to feel His presence there, as one of the divine qualities you mention.

Sometimes it helps us to use prayerful thoughts, chants, or words to awaken the rememberance of His presence.

In divine friendship,