I have just started to meditate. I sit cross-legged with a cushion and am comfortable. I find that I tend to lean forward and have to bring my spine back to what feels like a straight position.

Also, apart from battling a wandering mind, I have difficulty with the initial and final prayer. Maybe I just have to find my own personal one?

—Flaminia SILJ, Italia


Dear Flaminia,

Yes, your prayer before and after meditation can come from within.

In meditation, you relax the body, calm the mind and open your heart. Therefore, you can begin by offering a sincere prayer from your heart that can convey your longing for peace, and connectedness with your higher Self.

You can end your meditation, with a prayer that you feel inspired to do.

Remember that meditation is a life-long practice, a journey of self-discovery. So relax, be patient and enjoy the process.

Nayaswami Diksha

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