Predictions of Nuclear War?


Hello, I have been enjoying Swami Kriyananda's talks for quite long now, and every time I see a new video I watch it with enormous joy and interest. As I watched many of his videos I noticed that he in many of them mention that war is coming, but not a normal type of war he said that it will be global more than once there will be no corner where one can be safe then, so I imagine he is talking about nuclear war. Can you please clarify if this will come true, did Master say to him that nuclear war will come? God bless you!

—Michael, Ireland


I do not recall ever hearing Swami Kriyananda quote Paramhansa Yogananda saying that the wars to come would be specifically with nuclear weapons. Rather we hear Swami Kriyananda speaking of these wars and of the strong likelihood that nuclear weapons will be deployed.

Keep in mind that such weapons range greatly in their power, scope and form: from the device in a brief case to an ICBM. Such weapons are as controversial and as much in debate and of concern now as they ever have been since WW 2 when the first such bombs were exploded in Japan.

The war of terrorism has certainly increased public awareness of the possibilities of small nuclear devices being deployed. So between those rogue nations which aspire to have a nuclear arsenal to those terrrorists who would use such weapons in their campaign, I would say that the odds of their use somewhere, sometime are, tragically, pretty high.

Swami Kriyananda puts it this way (in his talks): there are tens of thousands (38,000?) of such official weapons arsenalled around the world. What are the odds that some of them will eventually be used? Again, sadly, pretty high.

But, no, I don’t believe Yogananda himself said that, but he certainly may have in the presence of close disciples. There’s no reason, I feel, to find any comfort in the possibility that he didn’t specifically reference their use as part of his peering into the future, however.

The best preparation is to live in God ever more deeply, every minute, every day, and to share our divine blessings with others who are in tune with them.

Blessings and joy in God,

Nayaswami Hriman