What About Predictive Dreams?


Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept my Pranam! I saw a dream on Friday night that my mother was in the hospital, and two days later I found out that she has had fever since Friday night. I am married and live with my husband in a different city.

Is it just a coincidence? This had happened once before also. Though it was not about illness but it was a different dream and it came true. Please show me the path.

Thank you so much and I am glad to find your website.

—Shainee Chakraborty, India


Pranam to you also, Shainee,

We are also glad you found our website. Welcome!

Our nightly dreams are often very interesting and sometimes can be important to pay attention to. Paramhansa Yogananda says that most of our nightly dreams are simply “movies” produced by our subconscious minds and and meant only to entertain us while we rest.

But he also says that occasionally we have superconscious dreams or visions which have worthwhile messages or instructions for us. When you have a dream which seems to predict something or warn you about something, it might be wise to pay more attention than you would otherwise.

If that happens, be a little more careful than usual, or tell your loved ones to be more careful also. Most of all, pray, meditate, and get in touch with God and the Great Ones every day, asking for perfect intuitive guidance in all matters, including about your dreams. With practice, it will come!