Pressure at the forehead


I have been a Kriya Yoga practitioner for more than 4 years. Have also been practicing keeping attention at Kutastha throughout the day. Recently, I started feeling strong pressure sensation in the area around forehead both during meditation and during the day. I had to stop meditation and now, I am unable to concentrate at Kutastha even for a second without triggering the pressure sensation. Will I be able to meditate again? How do I follow Gurudev when every technique involves Kutastha?

—AC, India


Dear AC,

Our goal is to direct all the energy from all the chakras to the Kutashta, the agya chakra, to attain enlightenment. This is why in all our meditation techniques, our inward focus is at the agya chakra.

Focusing at the kutashta, at the point between the eyebrows, helps to draw the energy upward and awaken our higher state of consciousness.

When one feels a strong pressure there, it means that this center is being stimulated and open. So all your efforts have led to the awakening of the kutashta, which is a good sign.

The question is: Why did you stop meditating? Is it because the pressure that you feel at the point between the eyebrows is a new sensation, that you are not familiar, and feel uncomfortable with?

If it’s a new sensation, please resume your meditation and your Kriya practice.

When you gaze at the point between your eyebrows, make sure that your gaze is soft and relaxed. There should be no strain. Also make sure that your efforts are done with the attitude of self-offering and devotion, and the longing to merge with God. Avoid mechanical practice. Do the practice with love, joy and ease.

I hope this is helpful.

Blessings on your practice,

Nayawami Diksha