Progress in Meditation, With AUM


How to surrender one's mind to God or Guru. I have been blessed with AUM continuously at all times. I can sit in meditation on AUM for several hours. I love to meditate.

However, I cannot control the mind. I pray to God within to help me to offer my mind to Him. Alas, nothing happens. In this life, all I seek is self surrender. How does one do it ? Obviously it can not be done with mental effort alone. I had thought meditation on AUM & prayer to God will do it but nothing seems to work.Thankyou

—sandy, u s a


Dear Sandy,

You are blessed indeed. Not only hearing AUM, but also being able to meditate for hours, and the fact that you love to meditate. Jai Guru.

However, what you say sounds like a contradiction: on the one hand you say you can meditate on AUM for hours, on the other hand you say you can’t control the mind. How is that possible? Do you mean that you meditate on AUM but you get distracted a lot?

You say you want to surrender to God, and offer your mind to Him. Wonderful. But God seems different to you from AUM. Instead, when you meditate on AUM, try to feel that AUM is God, that it is His voice, His presence, and that by listening you are already opening and surrendering to Him. Bring God-devotion into your listening.

Try to go in this direction (quote by Yogananda, from Essence of Self-Realization): “Aum fills the brain; its vibration moves down the spine, bursting open the door of the heart’s feeling, then flowing out into the body. The whole body vibrates with the sound of Aum. Gradually, with ever-deeper meditation, the consciousness expands with that sound. Moving beyond the confines of the body, it embraces the vastness of infinite vibration. You realize your oneness with all existence as Aum, the Cosmic Vibration.”

“Nothing happens,” you say, and “nothing seems to work.” Bear patience, try to go deeper with the sound you hear. But if that “nothing” continues for a longer time, something indeed needs to change. In that case you might do well to seek a counseling session at one of the Ananda centers.

Often, I have seen promising meditators pull their meditations down by their un-yogic lifestyle and attitudes during the day, or by their lack of regular discipline, or lack of simple devotion. Or sometimes they expect too much of themselves, or expect very specific inner results, and then they get disappointed. I don’t know your case; that’s why a private session might be useful.

At any rate, don’t let anything in the world take these inner blessings from you. Lahiri Mahasaya once said that the only real duty in life is to meditate on AUM. Continue with your prayer, sincerity, and meditation, and if possible participate in a meditation group in your area. Do you practice Kriya Yoga? If not, that’s the way to go.

God bless you,