Proper practice of Energization Exercises


recently I have been practicing energization with concentrtion and will alone. I am not physically tensing but sending energy mentally only. Is this practice in line with masters teachings? It does feel to me that it is.

—Tony, us


Dear Tony, I’ve not heard that Yogananda ever said Energization Exercises could be done by mind thought and will alone.

I’m not sure the goal of bringing energy into the body, as well as the mind, is accomplished in this way. These physical exercises not only give the body and mind energy to accomplish outward activities with more strength and clarity, but give energy for deeper meditations.

If this departure from the practice given works for you, however in these ways, then that is what is right for you. Keep checking to be sure. Also include Yogananda in this process, as he can guide you.

Joy to you, Seva