Protecting Yourself from Dark Energies


I did meditation 3 months continuously. I was feeling good; many goods things happened, and I felt happy, but I was Lord Shiva, dead people, spirits, in my dreams. I felt scared and I leaved. Then one week ago my exams came and I again started meditation so that I can make my mind peaceful again. I saw dead people in the night. I was scared. I do not why it happens to me every time. Is this sign of bad thing or should I stop meditation ?

—pradip chaudhary, Australia


Dear Pradip,

Here are some suggestions:

Before going to sleep at night sweep your arms around from front to back and then returning from the back to the front while, saying, AUM – TAT – SAT. Do this three times. Then write “AUM” on your pillow; do this three times. These are ways to strengthen your spiritual aura and protect you from dark influences.

Pray to God in whatever form you feel drawn to, perhaps Divine Mother. Offer yourself completely into the grace of the divine, releasing all negativity.

You can also repeat an affirmation such as this: “I am safe, I am sound. All good things come to me; they give me peace!”

I’m not sure what type of meditation you are using so I cannot say much more in regards to that. However, the techniques which Paramhansa Yogananda taught, including the Hong-Sau Technique, help to attune to the divine grace, which helps to block the negative experiences that you are having.

Blessings and joy.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba