Psychic Phenomenon


My friend told me she has been seeing people out of the corner of her eye. The other day she seen something out of the corner of her eye and it was a siloet of someone that looked like me and she felt a bad sport about it and she passed out what does this mean

—Staci strader, United States


Dear Staci,

In cases like these it is all but impossible to distinguish between imagination (from the subconscious) and true psychic phenomenon. Fortunately making the distinction is not that important. It is not something I would encourage anyone to promote or to take very seriously. If there’s no “message” being conveyed (say, of danger, concern, or other “communication”), it doesn’t seem like it would be more than a passing phase. Put another way, if these occurrences have no practical application to daily life (especially for good), then “why bother?”

Certainly this is nothing to be concerned about, at least not from your brief description. You didn’t describe your friend beyond the experience itself. Since she is a friend, however, may I recommend that you pay close attention to her welfare, state of mind, and general well being. She might become so entangled in this kind of thing that it might create in her a mental imbalance. Encourage her therefore not to make a big thing of this. Treat it lightly if you can. If she reports that she has “seen” you out of the corner of her eye, you can respond simply by saying “Thank you for thinking of me!” (with a smile!)

Psychic phenomenon, real or imagined, are all too often a distraction from daily life, especially its concerns, obligations, and problems. Unless the insight can be put to help others or otherwise applied in practical ways, one risks disassociating from one’s life and its challenges and opportunities. So be on the look out for that sort thing.

Don’t underestimate, either, the impact of physical imbalances in metabolism, chemistry, minerals and prescription medications. Lack of sleep; lack of exercise; poor diet; stress (past or present). All of these can contribute to such phenomenon occurring. So be calmly and discretely aware of your friend’s overall health and lifestyle.


Blessings to you and to your friend!

Nayaswami Hriman