Questions on Spiritual Living and How to Attain Bliss


How to face the judgments of people? How to meditate in an easy way to progress spiritually? Sometimes I sense a spiritual smell. Please tell me about a technique to increase peace and bliss in my life. Sometimes I feel ananda (inner bliss) but it is short-lived. How to widen my spiritual bliss so that I can make more progress in my life? Can chanting the name of God be helpful? Otherwise, please give me a technique to use. Please also tell me about a technique I can use to attain an experience of God. How to feel more ecstasy in my experience?

—Roby, India


Dear Roby,
Concerning your first question: “How to face the judgments of people?” You may follow Sri Yukteswar’s strategy when he was criticized or judged (described in the Autobiography of a Yogi): “My imperturbable guru listened politely, analyzing himself to see if any shred of truth lay within the denunciation.” If you see that there is no such truth in the judgment, let people think what they want. Yogananda taught to affirm: “I will realize that praise does not make me any better, nor blame any less. I am what I am before my own conscience and God.” (Metaphysical Meditations)

Your second question: “How to meditate in an easy way to progress spiritually?” Place your concentration on the point between the eyebrows and don’t let your gaze wander. Then in daily life, whenever you remember, keep your gaze there. The spiritual eye is the seat of ecstasy in the body.

Your third question: “Please tell me a technique to increase peace and bliss in my life.” The technique to practice is daily meditation. On the path of Yogananda it is principally Kriya Yoga. Bliss and peace live deep within us, and any real meditation technique will take us there. True meditation creates silence. Silence is the open door to bliss and peace.

Your fourth question: “Can chanting the name of God be helpful, otherwise please give me other technique.” Yes, chanting the name of God is extremely helpful. Do it with the heart: this is the best technique.

Your fifth question: “Please tell me a technique through which I can attain an experience of God.” Learn and practice Hong Sau, and Kriya Yoga. Practice them with atonement with the Guru.

Your sixth question: “How to feel more ecstasy in my experience?” When you meditate, meditate with joy. Meditate as if you already had ecstasy. Yogananda says it like this: “Pray with ecstasy. Meditate with ecstasy. And whenever you have a free moment, think of God.” And remember: “Samadhi is not something we have to acquire. We have it already. Just think: Eternally we have been with God; for a short time we are in delusion; then again we are free in Him forever!” (Essence of Self-Realization)

All the Best,

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