Rahu Energy and the Internet


I was reading somewhere that internet is a source of Rahu energy, especially email and social networking sites, and has brought about many diseases. What has the internet got to do with Rahu energy?

—Simran Joshi, India


Dear Simran,

From what little I know, Rahu is an outgoing sign whereas Ketu is opposite, being the inward sign in our Zodiac charts.

What one has to watch for with the influence of an outgoing sign is the effect on one’s actions and thoughts. Diseases come when there is an imbalance of energies in the body and mind. They may be caused from sitting too long at the computer, but this is only because the individual is not watching their energies and letting them become imbalanced and off center.

Meditation during any astrological sign is important as with meditation you can keep a balance in your spiritual energies. I never saw Swami Kriyananda, for instance, off center no matter what sign with supposed to be influencing him. He had risen about the influences of the planets.

There is always hope over the negative influences of the planets by being in charge of your own self. With meditation and service-full actions you can find that balance.

Blessings to you, Seva