Raising Your Energy


My business is not doing well, so I am in a deep disempowered state. I pray to the divine gurus for their blessings but I am not able to find any breakthroughs. Sometimes I start doubting my own abilities. Please guide me how to empower myself and come out of this breakdown.

Regards, Vekas

—vekas bhatia, india


Dear Vekas,

When our energy level drops, everything looks difficult. When our energy level rises, everything looks possible. When our energy is low, there seems to be no solution to our various challenges. When our energy is high, solutions become clear and obvious.

When our energy level is low it seems as if it is impossible to raise it. But it’s not impossible. In fact, raising our energy level is one of the most important abilities we all possess to give us happiness and success. You can’t control the world around you but you can learn to control your energy and enthusiasm.

When our energy is low we seem beset by problems all around us and thinking about all these problems drains our energy further. Don’t dwell on all your problems at once. Choose one thing you can do — even if it isn’t the most important — it can be as simple as cleaning up your workplace. Do it with all the enthusiasm and energy you can muster. Do it as if it were the single most important thing you will ever do. Stay with it until it is done and done well.

You will find an enormous lift in your spirits and a rise in your energy level when you do this. Once your are done with one thing chose another thing you can do — again it may not be the most important — and do it with one-pointed focus and all the energy you can bring to bear on it.

Keep doing this with one task after another and you will soon find that you are full of energy. Your new found energy will bring with it solutions to your problems and the enthusiasm to make them happen.

Warm regards,
Puru (Joseph) Selbie