Raja Yoga teachings


What is the best preparation for meditation, the yoga postures or the Energization Excercises? I don't usually have time to do both.

—Jason Gervich, US


Dear Jason,

I must admit that I do the Energization Exercises. Energy is a key to everything we do. Paramhansa Yogananda has created these exercises for this reason, knowing we need to understand how important energy is in our lives. Energy brings heightened awareness, taking us out our normal awareness level, and bringing new creative ways of seeing our world.

This should not exclude, however, at times, the need to calm the restless energy that we sometimes get into. Yoga postures, that Ananda teaches, calms our energy so that we can put aside the restless mind in meditation.

Each week, if at all possible, put aside time to do a longer meditation practice and do all these practices that are taught at Ananda’s meditation retreat, the Expanding Light.

Bless you, Seva