Receptivity – When Giving or Receiving a Blessing



First of all thank you so much for answering our doubts with so much of clarity.It really helps.

My question is-

Is it necessary that when we take blessing on the forehead, how much we receive would only depend upon our level of receptivity, or does it also depend upon the level of receptivity of the person blessing us? I mean if the person blessing us does not concentrate properly or is not in tune with the guru at the time of the blessing, then is there a possibility that we may receive less?

—m, India


Dear M,

In a way you have answered your own question. The amount of energy you receive while being blessed or giving a blessing does depend on how much you are tuned into the guru or the channel from which the blessing will come.

If you are the recipient, you cannot worry about the person channeling a blessing for you.

What you can do is call to your guru to bless you through through this channel.

It is not helpful while receiving the blessing to worry about anything other than your guru and his blessing. He will bless you no matter what.

If you are giving a blessiing, again all you can do is open yourself to the guru to be blessing through your touch.

You, again, cannot worry about what the person receiving the blessing is doing. Any worry or other thoughts will not be helpful to the flow from the guru.

One thing that is helpful is always ask the guru to bless those around you no matter what their thoughts may be.

Joy to you,