Reconciling professional and spiritual lives


Swami ji always tell us to have an attitude of acceptance in life and at the same time he stresses to avoid acts that take us deeper into delusion. In that light I am confused sometimes to take a decision while accepting any assignment.I am a doctor by profession and a member of Ananda for last about 3 years. and recently I've got an invitation to attend one of the conferences to be held abroad focused on learning and sharing new medical skills.Please guide me if it is all right to attend ?

—amit, india


Dear Amit,

Absolutely, without any doubt it is fine for you to attend any and all medical meetings.

You are blessed in that you have been drawn into a profession that is a wonderful way of serving others and therefore serving God. God is everything and manifests in and through everyone.

As Swami Kriyananda says in his book Affirmations for Self Healing, “Work should always be done as well as possible, and in gratitude, simply, for our God-given power to be useful to our fellow man.”

Right attitude is what is at play here. When we see our work as service (or seva) then we are not being deluded when we strive to do our best, but rather training ourselves to act as pure channels of that Divine love and light.

Pursue whatever training you need to serve your patients in the best way you can. As you travel and as you interact with your colleagues keep your energy focused at the point between your eyebrows, and mentally repeat Swami’s prayer, “All that I do Lord, I do for the love of Thee.”

Om, Peace, Amen.