Good afternoon and blessings, please could you advise me I have been reading Mary Kretzmann book a healers handbook. As a reiki master I’m torn as I read Mary prayed deeply and asked that the reiki initiation be revoked. I feel I channel the energy from the ananda line but feel if I leave the reiki I’m doing them an injustice. I am sure master would know that the reiki and the path I’m following with him is sincere and I trust it’s ok. Kind regards Rita

—Rita W., U.K


Dear Rita,Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your question.

I will try to further clarify my process. I will also link to some of the original articles so that my answer may serve others who may have similar questions.

First, please realize that I was sharing my process and that it resulted in greater healing power and intuition. Working back from that favorable result, we might ask the question as to why was there an increase in healing power and intuition? What is at play here? The short answer to that question would be that by asking for my Reiki initiation to be revoked, I had stepped into complete alignment and attunement with our powerful line of Gurus. That was my primary goal. I didn’t know what would happen to the healing energy flowing through me once I gave up the Reiki initiation. Would I be going back to square one? Would I be starting over? But in my heart, I felt called and compelled to take this next step. As I mentioned earlier that results were quite favorable and instructive to me. Through the results, I saw the power of not having any initiations that came outside of our line of gurus. Each initiation is an energy connection. I wanted all of my energy to be linked to our gurus.

You wrote, “….but feel if I leave the reiki I’m doing them an injustice….” By this do you mean you feel you are doing the Reiki an injustice? One way to look at it is that life is a school. If you ever feel inwardly called to revoke the Reiki initiation, it needn’t be done in a harsh manner. Instead, thank Reiki for the blessings it has given you as you have helped others. Feel that you are just moving on to a higher experience in a natural progression.

You also wrote, “I am sure master would know that the reiki and the path I’m following with him is sincere and I trust it’s ok.”

That is beautiful. But the question is not one of sincerity. I was also sincere in the years prior to when I asked for the initiation to be revoked. But, as I said, my intuition and healing energy became markedly more powerful overnight one I gave up the Reiki initiation. That is not a poor reflection on Reiki. In general, it is a good thing. It is rather an eye-opening testimonial on the power of embracing full attunement with our line of gurus, for this allows their healing power to flow through us in remarkable ways.

Since you are a Reiki Maste, your livelihood may be involved; perhaps you are teaching Reiki and giving initiations. I am not suggesting that you upset that applecart of your existence. For now, you seem content to leave things as they stand.

Swami Kriyananda was supportive of people learning Reiki, as well other healing modalities, until he heard that an initiation involved with Reiki. He then expressed caution and gave an example from his own life in which he had received an initiation into a higher Kriya Yoga technique from a disciple of Lahiri Mahasaya. He made the reasonable assumption that this initiation was still within our line of Masters. However, he said for the next 24 hours he felt an interference in his attunement and even his ability to feel a connection with his own guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. So, he saw his mistake and prayer for the initiation to be revoked. His sense of attunement and connection with his own guru returned immediately.

When I first heard this story, I felt that my attunement with our path was strong in my life and meditations. I felt connected to our Guru, Paramhansa Yogananda. I wasn’t experiencing the sense of disconnect that Swamji was referring to in his story, so I wondered if this cautionary tale applied to the case of Reiki initiations. Swamiji did not tell us what to do, but he wanted to raise the question for us.

I wanted many years, and then I felt the call to pray that the Reiki initiation be revoked. And as I said, I then felt an increase in healing power and intuition. I felt that the Master could more profoundly direct that healing sessions. What I learned fromt this is that the healing initiation seemingly had not blocked my spiritual connection with my guru, but it had blocked my healing potential. Initiation is a connection. Once the connection was removed with Reiki, then the Masters could flow through my healing sessions more freely.

Rita, for now, just think of this as raising the question for you. Take your own time. Swamiji did not impose his will on us; he simply raised the question and shared his cautionary tale with us. That is all I am doing, as well. The change was so dramatic for me, that, of course, I had to share that story in my book, Healer’s Handbook: Channeling the Light of Christ and Yogananda. Use whatever is helpful to you in that book, and keep learning and growing.

Thanks again for your question and for your healing compassion. May your journey by guided and blessed.


Mary Kretzmann

Ananda Healing Prayer Ministry