If you have memories that is memories of somthing that has not happend to you. Is that memories of a past life

And how does Reincarnation actualy work how do we evolve from what we are in the beginning to beeing one with God

—AA, Europe


Dear AA,

If you haven’t read the Autobiography of a Yogi, please do. It is full of references the explain reincarnation. The most interest chapter is The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar. This master appears to Paramhansa Yogananda (another master) and explains the different astral planes that the soul evolves through.

Yesterday someone showed me on YouTube a young girl, 11 years old, singing opera. She was truly amazing not only because she was quite accomplished in technique but also because her voice quality was that of an adult. Her range was also extensive. How could I not think that she had just come from a life before this as a famous singer?

There is much to be read now about reincarnation but know that our souls will continue on the wheel of karma and reincarnation as long as we think we will be happy through being a part of worldly activities. Happiness comes from realizing the soul is a part of God and will only be happy when the soul goes home in Him again.

Joy to you, Seva