Relationship with Loved Ones After Death


I'd like to find out about our relationship with people after they've died. If both partners believed that they have a deep spiritual relationship on earth, their love, Sacred & were consciously grateful towards each other & Divinity for it, does all that blend into the background as a valuable life lesson in love after death? Or does it still mean something, that closeness? If partners were parted because of death not chooice, can it continue when the other partner dies too?

—Aneke, South Africa


Dear Aneke,

Let me start by quoting Paramhansa Yogananda, an realized master one in God, to take your question into another thought form:

“That person who has never loved anyone in particular can never love all humanity. One who has never loved his fellow beings, and even birds and animals, can never love God. Only in the soil of the heart where human love grows can divine love grow.” (from Spiritual Realtionships by Paramhansa Yogananda)

The reason I mention this is to show that the love that is focused on only one person, even though perfect, will need to become expanded to include all beings. Otherwise love will wither and die.

Yes, the loved one who has gone can still be felt by all whom were loved. And the one who is left behind can certainly keep the love going toward the loved one. But this love will grow more in extending that love to all rather than being sad or depressed. It is good to be joyful for there is really no death. The soul is ever existing and will be happy in the continuance of love – love for all.

Bless you, Seva