How to have relationships with people you don't like? Colleagues, relatives and others that you did not actively choose to be around.

Is it better to seek other company (like Ananda guys)or try "to see good traits" in the ones you have to socialize with right now?


—Dm., Europe


Of course it would be best to be surrounded by like-minded colleagues and friends as we have here at Ananda to have pain-free relationships. But even here you find that you rub up against differences in thoughts and feelings in difficult situations.

What we are learning at Ananda is to be even-minded and cheerful at all times, in all situations. When we show kindness and respect to those we are with, no matter who they are, and to serve them if they have a need, we gain spiritually. We also in this positive attitude learn to understand those who come into our aura. With understanding comes love and respect.

If love is difficult to feel, you might try calling on your guru to channel his love. God, through the guru, always feels love for everyone. With this love that you draw on, you then pass it on to whomever you are with. Try it; it’s pure joy.