Remembering a Past Life


I was walking across a cemetery and I saw this grave with a person who died in 1858. And when I saw the name on the grave I had a strange feeling that I know this person or knew that person. Could this be a memory of a past life or am I just imagining it ?

It is almost as if I can see the person in front of me. Could it be that I knew this person or could I just be imagining it ?

—FCD, Europe


Dear FCD,

Yes, it is quite possible that you were this person or that you may have known this person well in a past life. Things like this often happen to many people – little glimpses into one’s long journey through time and space and through many different incarnations.

If you feel convinced of this “connection” you might want to research his or her life. But it’s really not necessary to dwell too much or too long on any of our past lives.

What is important is the present life we are living now and what you are doing to make spiritual progress and thus free yourself from all future lifetimes – and the need to keep reincarnating over and over and over again.

To learn more about this process, I’d suggest you read this excellent book: Karma and Reincarnation: The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda