Restlessness in Meditation


I am attempting to meditate and am using the techniques stated such as measured breathing, Hong Sau etc. The problem is that I cannot seem to last more than ten minutes, it seems to me that I have been meditating longer than I actually have. I don't think it's restlessness, could you maybe recommend any yoga postures which may aid me?

—Vinod, India


Dear Vinod,

It was interesting to note that you did not think restlessness was the cause for the shortness of time spent in meditation. What could then be the problem is shortness of concentration and desire for depth in meditation.

Asking for a posture to help you meditate better could possibly be the Corpse Pose (Savasana). This pose helps one to completely relax the body and then the mind. With less of these distractions, it will be easier to sit in meditation and to concentrate.

There is a story of a young man who had trouble concentrating. His guru told him to meditate on his bull, as the young man had often expressed interest in his bull. In doing so, over time the young man developed deep concentration, so much so that he thought he was the bull!

If you want to meditate deeply in this fashion, choose something to concentrate on that you are intensely interested in. Pick something, however, more uplifting. Look at the eyes of your guru, for instance, and concentrate on them.

Another way to learn concentration is to chant before meditation. Pick a chant that you draws you into deep devotion and dwell on that chant as you sit in calmness and in joy. Yogananda said, “Chanting is half the battle.”

Bless you, Vinod, in your attempts at meditation. Keep trying, call on your guru, and you will succeed.

Joy to you,