Sadness in the Loss of a Close Friend


My closest friend Raj Dubey died this Friday 7th Oct. I did not get a chance to say a good bye to him, this bugs me. I want to ask him that all the time, when I call his name and cry, does he listen to me? Is he near me? Will he forgive me for not calling him for the last month and not asking about his health? I am sorry for what happened.

—Pragati Raghuvanshi, India


Dear Pragati,

We are very sorry to hear of the recent death of your closest friend, Raj. Yes, those who have passed away definitely can feel our grief, pain, and calling out to them. They are often much closer to us after death than we realize, especially if we were very close during this most recent lifetime.

Will he forgive you? He surely will, if you ask him to do this, calmly and sincerely. But please do strive to be very peaceful as you pray for him and call out to him.

A close friend’s stirred up emotional state can be very disturbing for someone who has recently left this world and possibly even keep him from moving along as quickly as he should, into his new, beautiful astral home. Don’t hold him back in this way!

Meditate deeply and sincerely pray for help and guidance from God and Gurus. When you feel calm, send him your love and blessings and ask him for his love and blessings in return.