“Seeing” Our Loved Ones Who Have Passed


A few times a year I speak with my aunt who lives overseas. This week she confided in me that every few nights she “sees” her two closest loved ones that have passed. Both her husband and son passed at rather young ages as a result of illness due to alcohol consumption (both were very much loved). I include all of them and daughter in my prayers. Can you advise how best to help her, what specifically can I tell her? (I’m learning her language, good opportunity to practice!). Love and Light.

—RE, usa


Dear RE,

You are definitely doing the right thing in including all these relatives in your prayers. Keep going with that! It is probably the best of all thing you can do to help your aunt and all who are involved. Send them light and love!

But if you really feel you need to comment on her report of “seeing” her deceased husband and son every few night, it would be wise for you to go very slowly and see how much she is willing to talk with you on the subject of “What happens after someone dies.” Humbly ask God to guide you about how or even if to do this.

For those who are grieving, it’s not always easy to have a calm discussion about such a great loss. Naturally the questions in most people’s mind would be: “Are the souls of her husband and son really coming to her now and if so, why?” or “Is this just her imagination, because of her great love for them or longing to see them again?”

Perhaps you might gently ask her a few questions like: “Why do you think they are coming to you now? Do they have anything specific to say to you? Do they seem happy or troubled?” This might give you some good clues about how to proceed.

The great masters often say that loved ones who have gone before us can be called back by our attachment to them or great grief or longing to see them again. But this is not necessarily the best thing for them. It might cause them to remain “earthbound” when their souls need to move forward into new dimensions.

So if you feel you can do this gently, you might suggest that she should not “…hold on so tightly to them, so as to delay their spiritual progress. Let them go on now, into their new place of light and joy.”