Seeing Scary Eyes in Meditation


The day I started seeing the eyes, they looked at me, and I was scared, very sacred. Could it be something different? I saw shadows to and things are weird, but I left my life in God’s hands I don’t know what at this means. Would you please be so kind and share your knowledge with me please?

—AV, Mexico


Dear AV,

It is a little difficult to understand exactly what you are asking. If you mean that you are seeing the single or spiritual eye during meditation, then this is a wonderful blessing. It does not look like human or animal eyes looking at you. Instead, it is a deep blue-violet round or tunnel-like shape, surrounded by a halo of golden light, and in the center of which is a tiny, silvery-white five-pointed star.

The spiritual eye feels as though it is appearing in your forehead, at a point midway between your eyebrows or extending itself outward from that point.

But it sounds more like you are saying that you are seeing more than one eye and other shadow-y or weird things. In this case, it would be important for you to surround yourself with light and pray to God and Gurus to protect you and guide you in your meditations and at all times. They will! Just sincerely call on them at any time.

You also might want to talk to one of our Ananda Teachers in Ananda Mexico. See this website for more information: