Seeing Special Numbers


Dear friend,

Can you explain if there is any significance in my seeing the number 11 all the time? When I look at the clock it’s always 11:11 or 12:11. Or sometimes I finish meditating and I see it’s 3:33, for example. This has been going on for about a year and a half. I notice that these numbers correspond to my feeling attunement with the Divine and with my Guru, or just in an uplifted feeling. Did Master ever talk about such occurrances? Thank you.

—Martin, USA


Dear Martin,

To my knowledge, Yogananda never mentioned anything like this is his teachings. But you say that this has been going on for a while and it corresponds to your feelings of attunement or upliftment. So I would definitely pay attention, and this is how I’d suggest you do that:

Pray for help and guidance on this matter at the beginning of your meditations. Be specific: “Master, does this have meaning for me. If so, please let me know clearly. If not, I leave it in your hands.”

Then let all thoughts and questions go and do your regular mediation practices. At the close, ask again and wait to see if an answer comes to you. If it does not, don’t assume that there is no answer. It may come at a later time, perhaps by surprise, just somewhere during your daily life, something you read or hear which seems like an “Ah-Ha! That’s-the-answer moment.” This is often the way in which God/Gurus answer our prayers/questions.

Let go of all attachments to knowing or not knowing. Trust that if you are meant to know, you will know at just the right time.