Seeing the Spiritual Eye and Developing Intuition


Greetings gurudev, i am meditating regularly and today I saw a distorted vision of spiritual eye which expanded and fade and it continued like that.I also had dream regarding opening of spiritual eye.Am i on the right track? My other question is somehow i am not able to trust my gut feelings.How to become more attuned to it? It so happens that i take these gut feelings casually.Kindly help.

—Pushkar, India


Thank you Pushkar. Seeing the Spiritual Eye is possible when we still the body and focus our concentration. To the degree that we can do this, the image will be more or less clear.

Keep trying. Your dream indicates that you are on the right track, indicating that your desire for this experience is also in your subconscious thoughts.

Meditation will help in this as well as in developing your intuition. I would like to encourage you to read the book, “Intuition for Starters.” It could be very helpful.

Joy to you,

nayaswami maria