Seeing the Inner Light


When I'm meditating and focusing on the point between the eyebrows I can often see lots of light but it is not focused in one place and seems almost as though it is swirling in and out of focus and going from light to dark. Is this normal? Will it become more defined with time and practice?

—Jennifer , UK


Dear Jennifer,

Typically when you experience shifts or movement in seeing the inner light it is an indication that you need to deepen your concentration. As you increase your one-pointed concentration then you’ll likely experience more steadiness of that light. With that steadiness it becomes possible to feel yourself merging into that light.

Eventually you will be able to perceive the Spiritual Eye. When you behold the Spiritual Eye clearly, it is a golden circle of light surrounding a field of deep blue. In the center of this blue field is a white star with five points.

The techniques of meditation that Paramhansa Yogananda taught are a direct means of achieving one-pointed concentration. It is up to us then to be diligent and regular in our daily practice. And then, along with the deepening of our devotion, we can indeed come to our ultimate destiny of Self-realization in this lifetime.

In divine friendship,
Nayaswami Pranaba